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January 29, 2020

From Aussie, With Love.

“All you who have not loved her, you will not understand. Though earth holds many splendours… I know to what brown country my homing thoughts will fly.” - Dorothea Mackellar


The land down under, a lush land that is a silent witness to many simple, gorgeous, down-to-earth weddings. Ever since we first set our foot here in this wide brown land, we realised that we weren’t just stepping into a new territory...  but our eyes were opened to a beautiful new culture.  


What started out as a random conversation taking place some 2,000 miles away from Australia soon after became a dream come true for us. Axioo Australia became official in the (Australian) summer of 2017. Entering a new market was indeed a huge challenge, many sacrifices were made along the way. Obstacles upon obstacles were overcome, and two years later we found ourselves at a place where we never thought we would be, a possibility that would never have been discovered if we hadn’t taken that bold step two years ago. Now, not only do we have more clients or know a lot more people, but our clients have also become our closest friends. Our style has matured, and we now know a lot more about the culture and more about where to take pretty photos than we did when we first arrived.


Australia has everything that we absolutely love. Blue skies, easy-going vibes, and amazing couples filled with amazing stories. We are all about telling these amazing stories through photographs. It is not our passion to capture “couple poses”, but our purpose is to capture chemistry and treasured moments that are to be remembered for life. We value relationships and trust with our clients, and we understand that an artwork that is truly good is made together by joined hands and joined hearts. Driven to bring the best out of the ideas of everyone in the room, our years of experience have taught us the wonder of working with passion, and that is exactly what we desire to deliver in the wedding industry here in Australia.


Our team may be smaller in number here than in our other homes, but our hearts have grown bigger and bigger throughout our journey here, fueling up our desire to inspire and influence the wedding industry in various parts of the world. Our dream is to increase, not just in numbers, but also in strength, so that we can move forward together and collect more stories that are worth telling. 











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