Friendship in Love

They say marry your best friend and you shall find the key to true happiness. A lot of people strive for this kind of relationship but many others are still confused with the concept. And we don’t blame them. Afterall, how does romance and friendship mix in one dynamic?


There are of course, many ways of how two people come together. For some couples, they grow from friends to lovers, whereas some start with flings or infatuations that become serious. But regardless of how a couple starts, what matters is how they carry on with their chemistry and interactions thereafter.


More important than just the act of love that’s passionate and filled with desire, we think that throwing friendship in the mix is a brilliant way to keep two people going. It’s not just in trying to impress the other person, but also genuinely enjoy their company and sincerely care for their well being. 


More than just love, it’s also vital that you like your partner. You actually like spending time with them, talking sweet nothings and sharing deep meaningful talks. You actually prefer to be with them, doing nothing, everything and all things in between. There’s no separation between them as your lover or friend, because the line blurs right in and it feels right. 


For Richie & Refina, we tried to capture those precious friendship sides of them. More than just lovers, we want them to remember moments where they can be goofy, silly, confident, and comfortable with each other - as equals, as partners, and as best friends.










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