Through the Seasons

If life has taught us one thing, it’s that : everything changes. In reality, nothing stays the same in the concept of time. Change is universal and applies to all kinds of things, including people and relationships.


For many of us, change may come as a frightening idea, especially in the dynamics of two people. Does it mean that the other person is moving in a different direction? What happens to forever-ever-after? Does his or her perception of me change? If so, is it for the better or worse? Whatever that may be, our brain processed changes as unfamiliarity or even danger. And it’s very humane to do so. 


But instead of worrying, isn’t it better and wiser to accept change as a simple fact of life? Think of it as seasons. First there’s spring as the early beginning of two people in love. Then comes summer aka the honeymoon period. Next is autumn or fall where there may be some gloomy lows and rocky roads. Lastly, you enter winter as the cold icy period in the relationship. 


Seasons are the work of nature, and so are human relationships. We survive seasons just as we can survive changes in relationships. It takes effort and preparation of course, just as you would by bundling up and staying warm during the worst of seasons. 


But if we know one thing or two about love, it’s always better to have someone by your side throughout the seasons. Change and growth are never easy, but with love, patience and understanding, they can be for the better. Be the kind of couples who are made for the seasons, because for them, spring comes earlier than expected. It’s a promise of never ending. 


Inspired by our couple, Oliver & Melissa. May your love withstand the coldest of winters and blooms with grace always. 








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