A Classic Wedding Story

The wedding of Alvin and Ridna is the epitome of a classic wedding ala Axioo. Taking place under the Brisbane sky, we celebrated the union of this beautiful couple in the most flawless way possible. The weather was most cooperative and the mood was every bit relaxing and intimate. 


In the making of a classic wedding the Axioo way, we never miss a few signature details. We love taking close-up shots of trinkets and memorable items, starting from the dainty wedding stationery, accessories, all the way to gift boxes and elements in attire. 


We also love capturing the small interactions and chemistry between the couple, sneaking in a bit of stylish black and white tone in between. Such shots are our favorites simply because we believe in the little things that make moments count. Afterall, this is a big day for any couple and we want them to remember it down to the very last intricate details. 


We’d play with the picturesque sceneries where they can be their most goofy, lovely or confident selves. Then we’d get serious with a few dramatic shots, showcasing our couple’s gorgeous features. And we never forget to highlight the warm and playful friendships in the form of fine bridesmaids and bestmen too.


Last but not least, we close it off with epic shots during dinner reception. For Alvin and Ridna who incorporated the classic wedding games, it’s just the right ingredients to make it as one classic celebration to remember for many years to come. Congratulations again to this awesome couple, wishing them a blissful married life ahead. 





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