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A prewedding photography session is one of the most anticipated events leading up to the wedding itself. For some couples, they have a pretty clear idea of the theme to take on, while some may need more directions. We are often asked about the essentials to bring, what to wear, or suggestions for themes or trends. 


As simplicity has always been the core identity of Axioo, we usually stay on a personalized and fun concept. Even when the ideas branch out to editorial or dramatic style, there is typically a flair of natural that we humbly think is best to bring out an eternal quality for a keepsake of a lifetime. 


In answering couples on how they should prepare themselves for a photoshoot, this is probably the best answer that we can give : be yourself. Maybe ignore the concept for a while, take a pause on the whole idea of themes, give a rest on your choices of outfit, makeup or hairdo, and maybe also just draw a blank on the location and the rest of the details. 


Strip yourselves out of all those complicated elements, and let’s return to you both as a couple. When there’s nothing but just the beautiful chemistry of a couple, it will outshine the prettiest of dress, the most epic scenery, and the grandest concept. We can put a couple in their bare faces or an empty room, as long as they’re being their true selves then we’re confident that any session will turn out as gold. 


Still, don’t just take our word for it. Here is a collection that we hope does justice to the real chemistry of our clients, both in their most ‘homey’ comfortable to gorgeously formal style. Enjoy!









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