Let Small Things Rule

A wise man once said to me, “ Don’t look forward to the big moments, you’ll lose small ones that matter”. I never quite understood it at that time, I was more like your don’t-sweat-the-small-stuff kind of person really. I mean, we all live for the big moment right?


But life has a way of teaching you things. And the irony of it is, I really only got what that statement really means as I entered the wedding world - the epitome of big moments.


I learned that big moments are really like the destinations, while the small ones are the excitement, fear, joy, misery and mystery of it the journey. I learned that big moments are the pinnacles, while the small ones are the climb. I learned that once you reach the big moments, you’ll realize it’s really the small ones that make it all worthwhile.


It is through our couples and their love stories, I know that it’s all about the details in their fabric. The tiny elements that make them click or the small gestures that make it big. The more I dwell and bask in the glory of small stuff, the more I know, what love and happiness truly means.


And this applies to everything too really. When it comes to your loved ones, it’s the ticking seconds, doing the simplest things, or chatting over nothing, that’s what is going to matter for many years to come. So starting today, don’t wait for the big ones to come, they’re already there- you just have to look at it in million little pieces.





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