Making Memories for Two

Humans are creatures of habit. The motivation behind our actions may vary, but I think a lot of it is driven by our habitual instinct. In the wedding world, this is no different. When two people finally decide to get married, there is a flow of things and steps that are naturally taken, out of habit and tradition.


One of it is having your pre-wedding pictures taken. This is one of the customs for many couples, old as time but yes, still exciting as it is now today. It is so natural and customary that sometimes I really want to urge couples to pause, and think what your pre-wedding pictures could truly mean.


Personally, I think pre-wedding session is a special time for two souls to bond. There are many things that you’ll uncover during one simple pre-wedding session. Maybe it’s the presence of the photographer or maybe it’s the odd feeling of dressing up and putting your love out for the world to see. But it really is a truly wonderful time to just get comfortable with one another and celebrate the milestone.


A pre-wedding session is really about connecting in the moment, preserving memories and getting one beautiful keepsake out of it. It’s about treasuring time before building up to the hectic wedding; a tribute to your relationship. It’s really not something that you do everyday, so it’s important that every couple sees the session as not just another thing to cross off the checklist.


All in all, whatever celebrates love is always special and photography can be a very crucial part of that journey. So take note, this is a reminder for you all to enjoy your pre-wedding session to the fullest. Don’t sweat the small stuff, pose like you’re professionals and kiss like no one is watching.




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