No Ordinary Love

They say that in the millenial age, love is getting much harder to find. Courting days are traded with swiping left or right on the mobile apps. The art of opening up to a girl replaced with crafting the best DMs or instant messages. This may get you thinking, is romance dead? Should you even bother?


Well, we here at Axioo is a big believer of love and romantic tales. While technology maybe  play its part in the dead of old-school romance, we have never had a shortage of love stories that have touched our hearts throughout our career. Having our fair share of love stories from our clients never fail to restore our faith in the pursuit of that special someone. Everyday, we’re all about celebrating your love journey through the art of photography and friendship with new clients.


To us, every version of love story is a good one : old school meet-up, high tech serendipity, accidental affair, first sight or later on, you name it, we’ve seen it all. What matters is when the two of the lovebirds get together, you can see that the world makes sense in their eyes. You know that there is power in two and as long as they have each other, nothing can get in their ways.


Love is an everyday occurrence. You think it’s very common, but also so rare at the same time. When you haven’t found it, keep going- use the technology or through the vintage style, whatever works for you. Just know that every pursuit of love is an extraordinary one, making it official : there is no ordinary love.


Last but not least, may you be lucky enough to find no ordinary love. Just like our couple here, Paul & Jessica did.




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