Luxe Simplicity

Like the fingerprints of your hands, the art of photography always has its own unique way to represent itself. This identity is what defines one photography work from another, and for Axioo - the identity is always clear and consistent.


As one of the earliest players in the photography field, we have long established our work as minimalistic, soulful and timeless. Over the years, we have created countless work of art, different photography styling and numerous themes, but it’s safe to say that the essence of Axioo is ever palpable and can’t be shaken off.


We are also lucky to have been able to branch out to several locations, including Bali and Australia. We’ve welcome many talented people to work under our wings, and while each photographer has their own interpretation of what goes in front of the camera - our simplicity remains, our ideal persists.


Looking at the prewedding photography result of David & Priska, it gives me an immense sense of pleasure. Because each picture displays that embodiment of what makes Axioo photography a much beloved work of art by many of our dear friends. Their styling is on-point, their pose effortless, and their love, ever unobstructedly present. Everything is there, without an ounce pretense or too much layer of make believe.

For this luxe simplicity that’s David & Priska so perfectly encapsulated in their wedding journey, I want to thank them. As you scroll to enjoy each picture of our beautiful couple, I hope you’d “ that’s so Axioo” and that would be the greatest compliment of all for me.



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