Understanding Life, Understanding Love

They say that you never understand life until it grows inside of you. Perhaps you never even truly understand love, before a baby comes a long.


A baby changes things. It makes you rethink the definition of love altogether, so much that you probably would wonder, “ How did I ever get so head over heels over a boy?”. You’d think that past heartbreaks are simple jokes, that true romance is the only thing that can crush your heart; that will take your life and light it up or destroy it. Then you become mother.


Sounds scary? It probably is, but people who have been through it will say it’s more than worth it. Beyond the tiny body is the experience that goes beyond words, senses and understanding. It has the power that ignites and inspires, taking you on a journey that will make you see life and love in a whole new light.


Truly, maternity and motherhood is a wonderful thing. Which is why we never take maternity session lightly, there’s something so pure and rich at the same time - that makes us want to eternalize it as the beginning of love and life itself.




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