You & I Make Four

Valena Mijo probably needs very little introduction, especially for those of you who are fluent with the world of insta-influencers. But to simply call this client of ours an influencer, would be an understatement. In many surprising ways, Valena is more than a beaut, fashionista, or even expert chef combined. Beneath it all, she is a loyal wife and a mother of two as well.


Hosting a maternity shot for Valena and family was definitely refreshing and relaxing at the same time. It’s great to have the company of this lovely family whom we have regarded as friends from back home and everything felt at right with the mood set to be as calming and intimate as possible.


As Valena, hubby and her daughter Arissa enjoyed this private moment, it’s amazing to see the interaction of this little family. In a way, it’s more of their own way to enjoy their bond as three-member unit while also excitedly await for the little one cooking in her belly. This session surely turned out to be more than just a maternity shot, but a family portrait and eternalizing a parents’ love altogether.


You’d also probably know by now that that little bun in her oven is out and about. Their family now gets even busier with Arya, the little boy, in tow. And we can’t wait for yet another session where they all appear as a unit of four.




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