The Chronicles of Love

On the scale of 1- 10, how important do you think keeping a daily journal is?


Growing up, teachers would always tell us to keep up with daily journal writing. Even for kids nowadays, it is a still a thing in academic lessons. So it’s safe to say that the art of journal keeping is still very much alive. Except that when our past generations wrote “ Dear Diary”, millennials probably prefer to light up their phone and pour their hearts out on Twitter or Facebook nowadays. Hey, we all do that so no judgement here.


So where is photography in all of this transformed way of memory keeping? Well, a lot actually. The comfort of gadgets and technology have revolutionized the way of how we chronicle our lives. If you need proof, just open up your camera roll or gallery to see how it has so accurately depicted your life journey. And in a way, much better than pen and paper can ever do.


As you grow along in life, so does your photo collection. It starts from your teenage selfies, pictures with your groups of friends, then maybe that special someone pops along somewhere, then there’ll be more photos of you together - until the ultimate date arrive and you honor it with special photo shoot sessions, pre-wedding and wedding day.


Photography is simply a natural part of our lives, but the value of it increases now -more than ever. This is why special occasions such as your pre-wedding and wedding day beg for an exceptional method too. There’s a desire to properly eternalize your best moments, creating an artsy remembrance that you’re proud to call your own.


So before your camera rolls and image gallery continue to record your everyday’s life, including maternity and that cute face of your little ones- let’s have a special one together with us, just like Kenneth and Sara did.





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