Diagnosis: Lovesick VS Committed

When you’re in love, there are scientifically proven signs by researchers that read quite negatively. They could range from loss of appetite, a racing heart, accelerated breathing, as well as, anxiety, panic and feelings of despair. Yikes!


While all those sound lethal to our mental health, chances are we can’t avoid it. Afterall there is yet to be a love immune, disallowing us to feel giddy with expectation, unable to stop smiling till it aches, or feeling that funny butterfly in the tummy effect. And even if there is such love immune, why would one take it? Feeling in love may have adverse symptoms scientifically, but if you’ve ever experienced it- there’s truly no word for its magic.


Love infection can be just as real as the next disease, but once you’re passed that rocky stage - there comes a world of endless beauty. You’ll develop feelings of empathy for your significant other, a sense of aligned interests, an intimate emotional connection and a desire for togetherness.


You’ve probably heard of all the warnings though, from your parents or wise friends. “ Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve” or “ It’s not worth it”, and you’re probably scared. But we’ll say this for sure, “ Have faith” and “ never lose hope”, because the right kind of love does not make it all for the worse, it heals and believe it or not, it makes it all better.









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