Love Finds a Way

“ When there’s a will, there’s a way” - that’s what people say. The old English proverb rings with complete assurance, telling us that in whatever situation that one might face - muster just enough will and certainly there is a way.


I learnt a lot about that assurance on the day of Tanjung and Lily’s photoshoot, which happened on her birthday. This was a special arrangement made by the bride-to-be herself since Tanjung was not exactly comfortable with the idea of a photoshoot. So being a great partner that he is, albeit a shy one, he had no choice but to succumb and “enjoy” to the wish of the birthday gal : a full-day photoshoot for two.


This smart move on Lily’s part is something that we’d say a mastery of will, finding ways so that things work in her favor. Yet, there was something else that even the strongest will couldn’t alter, it’s the weather. Weather forecast had predicted that their photoshoot day would be rather cloudy with a chance of rain.


But it turned out that we got the brightest of sun in that morning. There was then a slight shower during the afternoon and we were quite pessimistic with our sunset-plan. But just before we’re ready to give up, Tanjung and Lily not only got their sunset, but the most beautiful and surreal golden hour to end their sweet pre-wedding session. It set the mood just right that I hope will show in their collections below.


At the end of it, Lily got a big grin on her face. She won big that day, with Tanjung happily obliged and the day turned out better than everyone had expected. Perhaps it was her display of will that found us a way that day. But I also think the universe also played a long as a sign of blessing for this adorable couple of ours.


Enjoy the photos!








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