Capturing Memories that Make You Fall in Love

April 2, 2018

Do you believe in love at first sight? I do. And I have to say, with all honesty and with no disrespect at all to my wife, my first ever love at first sight happened in elementary school… when I first held my dad’s camera in my hands. From that moment on, I just couldn’t let it go. Even when I didn’t even own one at that time, the camera was never far from sight, never far from mind, and certainly, never far from my heart. My life has always been filled with photography for as long as I could remember. When I was still in school, I joined some media team and photography clubs because I really found the joy in capturing moments. After graduating business school, I did shoots for product shoot, fashion and food photography, and did work for company profiles. I never ended up doing anything remotely close to my major, but I also had never been happier doing what I did.


The pivoting point in my career as a photographer, however, happened when a friend of mine introduced me to an American wedding photographer who asked me to join him to shoot a wedding. There’s a special feeling I got from documenting a wedding day. It was different that anything I’ve ever felt and it left a big mark of love deep within me. I remember being deliriously happy that day. A few weeks later, I was given a chance to shoot another wedding day. That day, I decided that if I were to do this for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t mind at all! This is what I want to do.


As I shot more weddings and learned the trades of being a wedding photographer, I found my own style. Every wedding is unique and a good wedding photo is never about being in a breathtaking venue or wearing a beautiful designer gown. It is always about relationship. It’s about moments that are precious and fleeting but can be frozen within a frame.


As a wedding photographer, I know that my job is not only for the couple who are getting married. It is not even for today. It is for their children and their grandchildren, ten, twenty, fifty years from that day. I live for the moment when they look back on their wedding photo with the same love and joy they felt on the day they said “I do” no matter how far the journey of marriage has taken them. My job is about creating memories and it is a privilege I never take for granted.

I look forward to capturing your wedding moments. And I would like to thank you in advance for trusting me with your big day.










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