Our Winter Wonderland

February 21, 2018

The pre-wedding session of Hansen and Cendana will go down as one of the most memorable ones for me to shoot. It’s not only the fact that it’s done in one of the most magical place on earth, Japan nor was it the perfect winter background that made everything look breathtakingly flawless. It’s more to the fact that these two are such wonderful people to work with, making their chronicles of love that much more enjoyable and unforgettable.


As you will instantly agree, Hansen and Cendana is a good looking couple. Their chemistry is spot-on, both on and off camera. They were open to ideas, but never shied away from making their own of styling for visual interpretation. Like all brides, Cendana brought with her all the most impeccable wardrobe to work with. Truly, she’s like an artist in her own medium and fashion was definitely one of her strong vessels.


For this reason, I got to play some editorial style with them too. Not just simple romantic shots, we got a chance to explore some artistic ideas while working with randomly existing props. I’d encourage you to scroll through each unique and quirky shots. Absorb the artistic element and  you’ll find an inspirative value through our couple.


I really have to thank Hansen and Cendana for going the distance, literally and figuratively, and for being such awesome muses to work with. It’s a refreshing session and I simply couldn’t get enough. So three cheers to you guys : one for the marriage, another for your long-lasting love and the last one for (hopefully) many many creative collaborations to come!



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