Starting Off Right

Good day, everyone. I am now starting my first post in Axioo Australia website with pictures I took in Europe. It’s a bit strange but bear with me. I have much more relevant albums in my pocket, but I especially pulled this one out, because I want my first blog to be about my first client. 

June 30, 2012, was my first opportunity to shoot a wedding for Axioo. I wasn’t hired for that gig, I volunteered. I bought myself a plane ticket and flew to Bali to be paired with Adi. All I wanted to know was how it feels like to shoot an intimate wedding. 


One hundred and seventy four intimate weddings later, I was given the honour to be part of Axioo’s first shooter team. Now, how courageous do you have to be, to hire someone that was just freshly promoted to be in charge of your pre-wedding photo shoot? In Europe? Covering three countries? It took a lot of balls, for sure. Therefore, I raise my hat to Boby and Hanie, for their balls and for their monumental trust in me. 


The trip was spectacular. We ran through drizzles with giggles and bullied each other like old friends. They didn’t put any weight on my shoulder. Boby and Hanie had been in the relationship for 11 years, but I didn’t sense a glimpse of dullness or lack of excitement between them. They cherished each other so endearingly and their fire was flaming hot as if it was their first year being together! And that, my friends, is a product of solid trust. And I was very lucky that they’re willing to share that trust with me. 


Thank you, Boby and Hanie, for trusting me to shoot you as my first client. You will forever be the special couple in my heart. As special as the dinner I arranged for my mom six years ago, right after I received my first salary. Nothing would replace the memory. I’ll see you on your wedding day!














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