My Favourite Recipe

Let's talk about politics. Just kidding. Actually, let's talk about how important it is to spread your Vegemite correctly on your bread.


The first time I went to Australia, Yosep told me that Vegemite is the best chocolate spread in the world, and every day Australians munch it for breakfast. I knew my wife would fall head over heels for the best chocolate spread in the world so I bought two big jars for her. Once obtained, she impatiently scooped a big chunk out of a jar, spread a good thick layer on a bread, had a bite, then I watched her died. The next day, I watched Yosep laughed uncontrollably at us.


Curiosity urged me to do research on the proper Vegemite sandwich recipe. I shopped for the right bread and butter, watched the timer when toasting, spread the goodness delicately, and said grace before taking a bite. Still, it never tasted quite right to me. So instead of throwing away the pricey jars of what turned out to be fermented yeast, I decided to tell all unlucky guests who came over my house that it was the best chocolate spread ever invented. And died laughing each time.


Maybe one day, a Vegemite fairy would land on my shoulder and blow a sweet awakening to my opinion. While waiting for that day to come, I'm keeping myself busy crafting another recipe: a recipe for juicy film photos. Ha.


Unlike building a sandwich where I can declare the verdict within minutes, I have to wait weeks before finding out how the ingredients I stirred inside my rolls are doing. The ingredients are slices of experimental theories. The waiting is full of hopefulness, but when its time to burn my internet data downloading gigabytes of my scanned film photos, it's indeed very rewarding to enjoy the mixture of success and failure of those theories.


During every film photoshoot, I develop new theories and add it to the formula. Name it theories on lighting angles, timing techniques, different brand of rolls, and even breathing pattern. These theories, of course, could easily be found anywhere on the internet. Since I'm too lazy to read, I practically take the hard way, the trial and error way, and have more fun in the playground. Im happier each time I discover a new finding and my recipe database is getting fatter. The happiness is equivalent to finding a piece of jigsaw in the bushes. You'd shout,  Yeay! and then spend weeks running home to see where that piece fits in your infinite puzzle of hypothesis.


Last month, Kalvin and Syella invited me to Melbourne for their pre-wedding session, the nostalgic city where they first met and dated. They also insisted that I had to shoot on film. Obviously, I welcomed the idea with big bright smiles.


I brought my latest recipe to Melbourne, along with tons of film rolls. The day couldnt be more fantastic. The weatherman said it would be raining for the entire week but somewhat only on the very day of our photo session, it was bright and sunny. How blessed we were.


Although after several visits I havent catch a glimpse of a Vegemite fairy yet, Australia is indeed a nice and friendly place for basking in a wonderful time. Below, is how Kalvin’s and Syella’s film photo shoot has finally taken a form. I poured all my favourite ingredients into the recipe. I hope you find it flavorful at the first glance.





























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